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Twoo is the fastest growing place to chat, search, share photos and play fun introductory games. Free to join. Also available on iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Daniel Robert "Dan" Scott was the ex-husband of Deb Lee and the biological father of Lucas and Nathan Scott. He abandoned his elder son Lucas, with Walker Methodist is a faith-based, non-profit senior living organization that's been serving older adults since 1945. We provide housing, healthcare, rehabilitation

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Daniel Robert "Dan" Scott is the biological father of and Scott. Dan learns about Lucas when Karen falls pregnant in high school. Unfortunately, he left her to pursue a relationship with Deb Scott, who falls pregnant a few months after Karen did with their son, . Dan asks Karen for custody of their son Lucas, which is turned down by Karen out of fear that Lucas would become like him. This is something that comes as a shock to Lucas after Dan tells him to go find out the truth from his mother. After being turned down for custody, Dan begins to despise Lucas, also due to the fact that Lucas was raised by , Dan's older brother. Dan's marriage with Deb came to an end as Deb tried to kill Dan in order to break away and divorce him. As a result of too much pressure under choosing sides, Dan's younger son, Nathan, decides to emancipate himself which is suggested by his girlfriend, now wife, . With the opinion that Keith's intention was to kill him and take his son, Dan shoots Keith in the Tree Hill High School hallway, killing him. Dan had always been jealous of Keith. He was the man whom Karen gave all her attention besides Lucas to. Keith was the man Lucas thought of as his hero. Dan didn't have that with his eldest son, no matter how much he wanted to. Keith had been telling Jimmy Edwards, a student who had brought a gun to school, causing a school lockdown and now is trying to kill himself that it gets better. Dan thought Keith was talking to him, which made Dan think, "It doesn't get better." This all was why Dan shot Keith. And now Keith was going to be a father to Karen's second child, , which is unknown to Karen until after Keith's death. Lily is born the same day that Dan's younger son Nathan becomes a father, to , his first born child, a son, with Haley. Dan decides to let Jimmy Edwards, the boy who commits suicide in the hallway of Tree Hill High School take the blame for Keith's death, even fooling Lucas into believing that it was Jimmy that killed his uncle. Dan now tries to play a role in the life of unborn Lily, helping with the pregnancy. Lucas soon finds out the true about Dan murdering Keith, yelling to his mother, "He killed Keith, he shot him!" Pointing at Dan after catching his mother and father making out. Dan accuses Lucas of needing psychological help and recommends he gets some. The day that both Lily and James (Jamie) come into the world is the same day that Dan turns himself into the police for murdering Keith, giving up his soon-to-be relationship with Lily and his spot as mayor, along with his successes over the years and his relationship with Karen. "My name is Dan Scott," he says to the front desk of the police station. "I killed my brother." After years in jail, Dan Scott is set free and soon forms a strong bond with his grandson, Jamie. With the thought he might died due to his heart condition, Dan leaves his grandson and instead turns his attention to Rachel Gatina, his new wife. He starts to preach about redemption in an attempt to win back the love and support of his family that was taken away the day the trigger of the gun used to kill Keith was pulled. Dan receives a heart transplant as well. He later forms a strong bond with Jamie and , his granddaughter via Nathan and Haley. Unfortunately, Dan never met his granddaughter via Lucas and Peyton, . Dan also decides to help out at Karen's Cafe, run by Haley and . When learning his son is still missing, Dan goes on a search hunt to retrieve his son. He ends up killing most of the men working for Demetri, the main kidnapper. After soon finding his son, Nathan and Dan are spotted by Demetri. Demetri takes out his gun and aimes at Nathan. Ever since Nathan was little, his father had nothing but love for him. This was proved when Dan jumps in front of Nathan, bullet going through Dan's back. After shooting Dan, Demetri is then distracted while telling Nathan that he will "join his father" referring to how his father had a bullet in his back. Nathan then pulls out a gun from his back pocket and shoots Demetri, killing him. Dan is then taken to a hospital by Nathan and , Brooke's husband. Dan is awake at the hospital, saying his last words to his grandchildren, , his daughter-in-law Haley, and Nathan. Lucas does not show up for Dan, which is understood by Dan, considering Dan had never been there for Lucas' life, so, "why should Lucas be there for his." Dan later dies while laying in the hospital bed, surrounded by Nathan, Haley, Jamie, Lydia, and Deb. While slowly making his way to hell, Keith meets Dan halfway, telling him he forgives him and takes him to heaven. Dan's transformation over the course of the whole series has been noted as the most remarkable out of all transitions on One Tree Hill. He goes from the controlling father, to the dangerous murderor, to the man who takes a bullet though his skin for the sake of his son.

Daniel Robert "Dan" Scott was the second child and son of and . Dan grew up with an older brother, , whom he didn't get along with that well, and was pushed by his father to become a great basketball player. During his teen years he dated the cheerleader who became pregnant with his child just before the end of high school. Dan promised to be with her, but he eventually abandoned her. At college, he met and dated her. After a few months Deb became pregnant and Dan decided to marry her. Karen gave birth to a son, , a few months before Deb would give birth to .

Dan was portrayed as the original villain in the beginning of . Dan and had a relationship in high school which led to her being pregnant. Dan left Karen behind and went off to college and met . A few months later was pregnant as well. He married and gave birth to Lucas whereas a few months later gave birth to Nathan. In the beginning of , Dan was shown to only care about one his sons, Nathan. Whereas, he left Lucas to be with his mother, . Dan never acknowledged until ' junior year in high school because , who was Dan Scott's brother, talked to , who was the coach of the junior varsity basketball team. convinces to give a chance to be on the team which Dan wouldn't like to happen. was granted a spot on the basketball team by the coach, Whitey. Dan was furious with the fact that will be on the team and turns Nathan against . Dan tells that they've worked too hard and they don't need someone like to take 's spot on the team. However, Lucas does take 's spot as shooting guard which makes Dan even more furious. finds out that Dan actually tried to have joint custody of Lucas but refused. Through out the season, Dan pushes Nathan too far to the point where Nathan actually takes drugs. Towards the end of the season, and Dan are in the process of going through a divorce and Nathan breaks away from Dan because his girlfriend, taught him to be a better person. moves out of the house and goes into an apartment. The final scene of Dan of was him having an heart attack which plays a major role in later seasons.

At the beginning of , Dan had a heart attack. found him on the floor and called 911. Dan let take over the dealer ship while he got better, making him Vice President. When Dan got out of the hospital let him stay until he got better and he tried to make things better with . decided to help Dan with rehab but it failed as Dan reverted back to his old ways. Dan finds out he is going to be fine. When asks if he's going to be okay he Dan was paying to be with . Dan deliberately tells that and slept together. Dan finds out that has HCM and tells him if he moves in he'll pay for his HCM medication. When and end up in jail bails them out but Dan takes the credit. Dan and go to court to see who wants to live with and says Dan. When finds out Dan paid to be with him he goes to the dealership and they get into a fight. When ends up in the hospital he was there for him. Dan finds out that was dating her college professor. Dan goes to 's class and exposed that he was dating . was having money problems and Dan says he'll pay the bills only on one condition. has to sign a annulment. Dan tests Lucas's loyalty to him by planting a ledger and a duffel bag of counterfeit money in the ceiling of his dealership office. Lucas fails this test and Dan says that now Lucas means nothing to him and he is no longer paying for his HCM medication and his college fund was terminated. On the season finale of Dan receives a bottle and a note that says " For all you've done". Later that night the dealership was set on fire.