Scheduled Cemetery Database Backup

To ensure that you do not lose any of the information you have uploaded to Grave Discover Software, we have a scheduled cemetery database backup and storage feature. This feature allows you to schedule automatic backups to the cloud. In case of an emergency, your information will remain secure.

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One of the great advantages Grave Discover Software offers is you don't have to rely on your own internal backup solution. Our cloud based storage system will be set to back up your cemetery information on a schedule the is right for you.

Online Cemetery Database Backups With No Downtime

The online cemetery backup feature is the perfect solution to keep your data live 24/7/365. Often times when you must perform offline or your own internal backup of your data, this may take down the system until your back up is complete. Grave Discover Software's cemetery database back up features run in the background and usually in the middle of the night. This will still allow you to access your cemetery information and use the cemetery mapping features any time of day. The online backup solution is much more convenient than traditional offline backup solutions, which is another reason why Grave Discover Software is so popular.

Cemetery Data Backup Schedule To Fit Your Needs

We understand each cemetery has different needs when it comes to the amount of backups they need to store. Cemeteries with room to grow in well populated areas usually need daily backups while more rural cemeteries in many instances only need weekly, monthly, or yearly backups of their data. After speaking to one of our sales or service team members, we will develop the perfect cemetery data backup schedule to fit your needs.

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