• Secure Login

    Secure Login

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    Secure login is important, as it helps ensure that your information is not stolen or hacked. Grave Discover Software offers secure...

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  • Search For Available/For Sale Spaces

    Search For Available/For Sale Spaces

    The user-friendly available plot feature allows you to easily locate available sites in the cemetery of your choice. This feature...

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  • Scheduled Cemetery Database Backup

    Scheduled Cemetery Database Backup

    To ensure that you do not lose any of the information you have uploaded to Grave Discover Software, we have a...

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  • Printer Friendly Images

    Printer Friendly Images

    Want to print out an image of a headstone or another image for a reference? Grave Discover Software has simple, one-click...

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  • Multi-View Cemetery Mapping

    Multi-View Cemetery Mapping

    Grave Discover Software uses the power of satellite imagery to allow users to find grave locations. The multi-view cemetery mapping...

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  • Mobile Responsive

    Mobile Responsive

    Mobile responsive means that the website adjusts itself to best fit the device that is being used. This ensures that your...

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  • Map Overlay

    Map Overlay

    In order to show users details such as plot size and exact locations of plots, Grave Discover Software offers a...

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  • Kiosk Ready

    Kiosk Ready

    Not only is our software ready for your personal devices, but our scalability also reaches kiosk screens located right in...

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  • Document & Image Manager

    Document & Image Manager

    There are lots of different kinds of media and information that you may need to upload for your cemetery. Grave...

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  • Data List View

    Data List View

    Grave Discover Software has a well-ordered data display feature that gives you a way to conveniently show users information about your cemetery. The organized...

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  • Custom Grave Data

    Custom Grave Data

    We understand that the way you organize your cemetery is unique. Some cemeteries use different terminology, some use plots, and...

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  • Cemetery Contact Display

    Cemetery Contact Display

    With Grave Discover Software, you can give users the most accurate contact information for the most convenient methods to get...

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  • 99.99% Up-time

    99.99% Up-time

    99.99% Uptime means that the site is always up, and available for use. With very little downtime, Grave Discover Software...

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  • 24/7/365 Online Searchable Cemetery Database

    24/7/365 Online Searchable Cemetery Data

    As the cemetery manager, you need to be able to store a variety of information, such as occupant name, date...

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  • 100% Web Based

    100% Web Based

    Grave Discover Software is easily accessible from any Internet browser. This means that you can update cemetery data from nearly...

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